How to fix a Sennheiser PC 151 Headset

I bought this headset in 2011. A few weeks ago the mic started to cut out on conference calls. Adjusting the volume causes some crackling sounds and toggling the mic switch yields an unpleasant pop for the listening party. These symptoms suggest poor connections and isolation in the control unit. Let’s chuck it.

Here’s most of what you’ll need.

soldering supplies

  1. Cut out the control unit and throw it away.

Sennheiser pc 151 volume control unit

  1. Strip the wires carefully. It’s tricky to do this without damaging the internal copper wires.
  2. Burn the enamel off of the 5 internal wires with a lighter. Even the copper-colored wire has enamel on it.
  3. Solder the like-colored wires together. There are 5 in all: Copper, white, red, green, and red-green. It helps to have flux and a little helping-hands tool.
  4. You can check the connections with a multimeter on the continuity testing setting.
  5. Tape it up. I didn’t have any electrical tape but I found some surgical tape in a first-aid kit. It works fine, but is incredibly ugly.
  6. Test it out by calling the Skype test number, echo123.

Special thanks to my roommate, Aaron Cake, who let me use all his gear.

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