JavaScript Hoedown #1

Welcome to the program
  • I'm Nick C, baby. IBM dw, Indeed
  • Goals: Short. Lots of signal. Nothing fancy.
  • Saved us all from having to personally assemble the frameworks
  • Poor W3C. Wonder what the driving motivations were.
  • "what wee gee" or "what wig" according to ajpiano.
  • Maybe I will read all of this someday
  • Fancy select boxes
  • How does it compare to jQuery UI and YUI.
  • L'Chaim!
  • Confirms what you suspected about DOM, bad behavior in JavaScript
  • Traverse as little as possible. Make style changes en masse. Don't perform more lookups that you need to.
  • Concat strings one at a time
  • Query DOM quickly with XPath
  • Paul Irish raises question: How do you compare these performance enhancements to each other?
  • The node boilerplate to end all boilerplates
  • Command line interface to specify database, templating


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