Pong with the Java 2D API

I’m planning on using the Java 2D API for a project this summer, but I need to get familiarized first. In the previous post I covered Pong on a the C32 microcontroller. Here I’ll look at a desktop implementation using AWT.

A great starting point is this zetcode tutorial on game programming. The author covers a series of classic arcade games. I used their code to figure out how to initialize the Swing JPanel and handle keyboard input.

Here’s my implementation:

Player 1: Q, A
Player 2: Up, Down
Pause: Space
Restart: Esc

The collision detection code is almost exactly the same as the C version. This version is a little more robust in that it supports arbitrary window sizes, paddle lengths/widths/speeds, and ball velocities. The only real trouble spots were devising a scheme to handle two keys being held down simultaneously and repainting the frame at the correct times. For more fun, consider modifying this version to change the X and Y speeds of the ball based on paddle velocity or collision position.

Here’s the playable jar file and the Eclipse project with the source.


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